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Case Studies

How ZeroHour Helped BOSApps Prepare for a Growing Clientele in Just 2.5 Months

In this case study, we delve into our collaboration with BOSApps, a forward-thinking startup dedicated to helping SMBs streamline their operations through custom app solutions.
20+prebuilt components
2.5months to product

...Right from the start, ZeroHour showcased exceptional professionalism and dedication to our project's success.I highly recommend ZeroHour for their expertise, reliability, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction

Jonathan M.Founder, BOSApps

To further increase the value it provides to its customers, the startup needed to add a new important feature to its business app suite, that would help it go to the next phase of its growth.

Our mission was to tackle a critical challenge: scaling BOSApps’ ability to provide bespoke websites to a growing clientele without the overhead of individual customization.

The Challenge

As BOSApps looked to expand their service offerings, they faced a significant hurdle. Each new client required significant development resources, which limited the pace at which BOSApps could grow.

They needed a solution that could automate much of the website creation process while still allowing for the high level of customization that their clients had come to expect.

While they had conceptualized a website builder as a critical feature of their app suite and created a basic Proof of Concept (PoC), it was not yet capable of meeting their needs.

The challenge was to transform this PoC into a fully operational, scalable tool that could efficiently produce customizable websites for their customers.

The Solution: ZeroHour's Approach

We were tasked with transforming the existing PoC into a robust, fully functional website builder. Our role was to enhance the tool’s architecture and user interface to support a high degree of customization while ensuring seamless integration with the existing BOSApps ecosystem.

We developed a block-based website builder that featured customizable React components. Each component was designed to be flexible, allowing users to adjust properties such as background color, font, and layout, thus ensuring each website could maintain a distinct look and feel.

The builder was integrated with BOS APIs to dynamically load content like menu items and prices, facilitating real-time updates directly from the BOSApps dashboard.

ZeroHour's solution was encapsulated within a multi-tenant platform that greatly simplifies the website creation process for BOSApps. With this dynamic platform, BOSApps can now quickly set up new client websites with just a few clicks, allowing for rapid deployment and customization tailored to each client's specific needs.

This upgrade transformed the initial Proof of Concept into a comprehensive, market-ready product. It drastically reduced the time and resources required to develop each new client website, thereby accelerating BOSApps' capability to scale and meet the demands of a growing clientele.

Implementation and Results

The development of the website builder was a blend of leveraging the existing Proof of Concept and innovating beyond its initial scope. Here’s a closer look at the key phases and outcomes:

1. Development from Scratch:

Although the PoC served as an inspirational layer, the website builder was essentially developed from scratch. This approach allowed ZeroHour to incorporate advanced features and ensure scalability while adhering to the foundational ideas presented in the PoC.

2. User Interface Design

The user interface was crafted to be user-friendly, particularly for non-technical users (BOSApps’ end users). In its current form, the builder provides basic functionality and customization options. It’s designed with the intent to be enhanced in future versions, gradually increasing its capabilities and user experience.

3. Focus on Speed and Efficiency

The primary goal of this initial version was to expedite the website creation process. By enabling BOSApps to leverage non-technical staff and eventually their end users to build websites more quickly, the builder significantly cuts down the time traditionally spent coding bespoke sites.

4. Integration Test and Soft Launch

The main integration test was a crucial step involving the migration of existing custom-coded websites to the new website builder. This testing phase aimed to replicate the full functionality of these earlier websites - including dynamic menu listings, shopping cart features, checkout processes, and payment systems - within the new builder framework. Additionally, the new builder needed to support the deployment of custom domains, ensuring a seamless transition for BOSApps’ clients. The successful migration confirmed that the website builder was capable of handling real-world applications and set the stage for its broader rollout.

A few words from Jon, founder of BOSApps


The successful rollout of the website builder for BOSApps showcases ZeroHour's ability to deliver scalable and efficient software solutions ahead of schedule. This project not only streamlined BOSApps' operations but also set the stage for their future growth by eliminating the need for custom-coded websites for each new client.

Encouraged by the results and the robust partnership, BOSApps has continued its collaboration with ZeroHour on another key project within its app suite. This ongoing partnership highlights BOSApps' trust in ZeroHour's expertise and our commitment to supporting our clients' evolving needs.

ZeroHour remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions that push the boundaries of technology and create significant value for our clients, reinforcing our role as a trusted partner in the tech industry.